From design and manufacturing, to shipping and distribution, right through to consumer use, the environment is considered throughout each step of the Vapur life cycle. The flexible Anti-Bottle uses less energy to make and transport than rigid bottles. Manufactured in the United States, the Vapur Anti-Bottle is lightweight and ships flat, providing dual environmental benefits - up to 5 times more bottles per shipment container means fewer trucks on the road, lower fuel consumption and reduced carbon emissions. The packaging has been designed to minimize paper, glue and scrap and is printed with soy ink on wind powered presses. 

Vapur was recently awarded the 2010 FPA Silver Award for Sustainability & Environmental Achievement.

Vapur Anti-Bottles are BPA-free and constructed of 3-layers of durable plastic. The innermost layer is made from FDA-approved Polyethylene which is then bonded to 2 layers of nylon for strength and durability. The Vapur Sport and Screw Caps are made from FDA-approved BPA free 100% virgin Polypropylene.

The Vapur “Anti-Bottle” design patent number is D619906.

What is BPA?

BPA (Bisphenol A) is a chemical used in certain food contact materials and was first approved by the FDA in the early 1960's. In recent years, concerns have been raised about BPA's safety (written testimony about BPA safety is available HERE).



Can I freeze my Anti-Bottle? 

Yes, go ahead and freeze it. Freeze and use as an ice pack or just for nice cold water. Try filling your bottle half-way, placing in the freezer overnight, then filling with cold water in the morning to enjoy an icy-cold beverage for hours!

Can I put hot liquids in my Anti-Bottle? 

The Vapur Anti-Bottle is designed to withstand hot liquids, even boiling for extreme cleaning. However, the bottle becomes quite hot and could be dangerous when touched. We recommend sticking to cooler liquids.

Can I put liquids other than water in my Anti-Bottle? 

Yes, you can put any of your favorite refreshments in your Anti-Bottle. However, we do not recommend liquids with very strong flavors. These may have the potential to affect the taste of your Anti-Bottle, especially if it's not thoroughly cleaned between uses. DO NOT squeeze fresh lemon directly into your bottle, unless you want lemony water for a few weeks. 

Can I put alcoholic beverages in my Anti-Bottle? 

You can! BUT, only if you are of legal drinking age. 

Can I take my Anti-Bottle outdoors or use while hiking and/or backpacking? 

Yep, you sure can! Take your Anti-Bottle everywhere.  

Will my Anti-Bottle leak if I put it in my backpack, briefcase or purse? 

If you carry your Anti-Bottle filled in a pack or purse, we suggest using our secure-seal Screw Cap for absolute leak-proof protection. Sometimes a bottle may leak if the cap is not screwed on completely, so always be careful when stowing filled bottles.